2017 Low Sulphur Linchpin Shiraz



Hi folks, I am excited to share with you a new style of wine which builds on the iconic Linchpin Shiraz story … our flagship red.

As you may know, our red wines (including Linchpin) are created with gentle management of our vineyards, selection of the best fruit from our long standing growers, hands on winemaking using traditional methods including oak barrel maturing, and finally, our own in-house bottling.

Through this approach we are consistently rewarded with the fine wines that we have all been enjoying, for many years.

All of our wines have minimal additives and are Vegan friendly with none of those nasty refining processes that go into some other wines, like eggs, nuts, milk and fish…yes fish!

One of those additives is Sulphur dioxide (SO2) a chemical food preservative that is naturally occurring in wines. It is added to prevent oxidation, discolouration and to preserve by minimising spoilage that occurs from bacteria and yeast growths. Sulphur naturally occurs in wine, so it is not possible to have a wine that is 100% free from them, despite some who make “preservative free” claims.

This is the first year however that we have, absolutely minimised sulphur to produce a low Sulphur Linchpin Shiraz for all our wine lovers who want a wine, as close to “preservative free” as possible.

While this Linchpin will cellar for another 2 or so years, is ready for your enjoyment now ie not as long as our standard Linchpin, but with the all the same Linchpin attributes.

To launch our Low Sulphur Linchpin Shiraz, we have an AMAZING off for you!  Normally the Linchpin is $60 a bottle and we are offering you a massive 35% off per bottle and 50% off per dozen!

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